Mobile Computing Devices and Social Media in the Laboratory Study - United States and Europe - April 2014

Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptop PCs -
What are the current and future uses?

  • Are tablets and smartphones being used in the lab today?
  • What do customers want to use them for in the future?

ipad and iphoneMobile computing devices are abounding. In 2013, more mobile computing devices were shipped than desktop PCs. The world of computing is going mobile. Has these products found use in the laboratory? What do scientists say?

YOUR Web site will be viewed on many devices from a smart phone to a PC. Which devices are most widely used today?

Is your Web site ready? Do you need to be?

Mobile Computing Devices and Social Media in the
Laboratory Study 2014.

As usual, K.C. Associates uses REAL information gathered from laboratory managers and end-users through an extensive survey.

More than 1000 respondents completed the Web-based survey from the United States and Europe. The participants are users of Analytical and Life Science instruments. This study is more than 400 pages with US and Europe separately.

Social Media - Does it have a place in the laboratory?

Does your organization need a presence on Social Media?

facebook, youtube, twitter, linked in

How many organizations have ban the use of Social Media at work? Which organizations have bans and which do not?

Which Social Media sites are used by scientists?

Managers and scientists have different opinions on many topics. The use of Social Media at work is one of these topics. Do they agree or disagree?

Since not all laboratories are the same, cross tabulations are included, giving a more detailed look at seven groups.

  • Geography: United States and Europe
  • Job Functions: Lab Manager/Directors and Scientists
  • Organizations: Industry, Government and College/University

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