Used and Refurbished Analytical/Life Science Instruments and Laboratory Equipment for the Laboratory Study – United States and Europe -
Coming 2015

The economy has changed. Has the way scientists purchase analytical/life science instruments and laboratory equipment changed? Managers/scientists/end-users respond providing valuable information.

Scientists in both the United States and Europe provide valuable insight into the used and refurbished market for more than 30 specific products used in the laboratory.

What discount do end-users expect from a manufacturer vs. an auction house
or a used instrument dealer?

What percent of all purchases in 2014 were for new or demo used instruments/products? What will it be in 2015?

Will end-users switch manufacturers to purchase used instruments?

Special free report comparison - This study was first reported in 2011. Results of the 2011 Study are compared to the results in the 2015 Report.

Which end-users are most likely to purchase used instruments?

What is most important when considering the purchase of used instruments? Price? Condition? Specifications?

If they have purchased a used analytical/life science instrument in the past, would they consider it again? What about a piece of laboratory equipment?

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