Future Trends in the Laboratory- The Influence of Millennials

The coming of age of the Millennials will have a distinct influence in the laboratory. With the retirement of 10,000 "Baby Boomers" each day, the knowledge base for many industries will be retiring too. The Millennials will be the largest group since the Baby Boomers - or larger depending who is counting. Companies providing products and services to the laboratory need to understand their common characteristics, values, and views.

  • This report from K.C. Associates examines the Millennials concerning:

  • Gathering of information for purchases in the laboratory

  • Use of Web sites for providers of products and services for the laboratory

  • e-Commerce for laboratory products

  • Devices used to gather information about products and services for the laboratory

  • Types of service/support Millennials use and prefer

  • In addition to the Millennials, this report also covers the other age groups within the laboratory and how they operate.

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